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Jet Plasma represents cutting-edge technology in the field of non-surgical skin lifting and tightening. 


Setting itself apart from other plasma devices on the market, the Profosma Jet Plasma Pen employs a direct current (DC) instead of an alternating current (AC) directly to the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin.


This innovative feature allows for scanning larger skin areas with greater versatility while causing less damage and significantly reducing downtime compared to other plasma devices.


JET plasma technology not only sterilises the face, but also promotes collagen regeneration, resulting in tighter, brighter skin with a healthy glow. Additionally, it effectively tackles issues such as clogged pores, bacteria, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles.


Includes training- skin care kit and consumables ( Pre-orders only ) Approximately 10 days delivery!

Profosma Jet Plasma Device

  • Model No. R98
    Dimensions – 21cm x 4cm x 5cm
    Maximum Voltage – 12KV – 13KV
    Battery Capacity – 2400mAh
    Charging Time – 2.5 Hours
    Weight – 165g

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