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  • How many cycles do I need?
    Each individual person is different, with their own genetics, age, hormones, how often are they in the sun, have skin trauma, their lifestyle; smoking, drinking, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot predict how quickly each client will respond to this treatment or determine exactly how many cycles will be needed. However, we highly recommend a series of several cycles for the best results. (We recommend that you do 1-3 cycles of Jet Plasma.)
  • Must I use the products recommended to me or can I use any other product?
    Immediately after the Profosma Jet treatment, the skin channels are open, so it’s extremely beneficial to use highly active products that will further improve the skin as they will penetrate deep below the epidermis which otherwise would not be possible without needle injection.
  • Will Jet Plasma influence superficial fat deposits?
    Yes, but only minimally. As we introduce heat and energy into the skin, we stimulate the cell’s mitochondria (powerhouse) and increase cell metabolism. This will lead to some fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue being Clients with too much adipose (fatty) tissue should rather have a fat reduction procedure done.
  • Is there any downtime with Jet Plasma?
    Clients will leave the salon looking fresh and glowing. They should however avoid strenuous exercise. Further avoid applying makeup for about 12 hours, as with any other facial treatments.
  • Can Jet Plasma be combined with other procedures such as Micro Needling, etc?
    We recommend that the client complete at least one Jet Plasma cycle and wait 14 days before any other skin procedures. This gives the skin a chance to properly react to the Jet Plasma. It is always a good idea to combine various procedures over a period to achieve maximum results. Think of it as going to (skin) gym.
  • What is the aftercare following a Jet Plasma treatment?
    Following your treatment, the channels in the skin are open so it is important that nothing is applied to the skin for 12 hours other than what the Plasma Pen Practitioner has applied. No makeup can be worn after the treatment for 12 hours. Recommended: No exercise, Sauna, or Steam for 12 hours; no skincare other than what is applied in the salon can be used for 12 hours.
  • Can Jet Plasma be done on clients using Botox and Filler?
    Yes, clients need to wait 2 weeks from the date of injection to do Jet Plasma and vice versa.
  • If I do not use a professional skincare regime, could it affect my results ?
    Absolutely! If you are not using a good, professional skincare range, then your results will not be optimal. The Plasma Pen Practitioner will be stimulating the formation of new cells. For your skin to create healthy, hydrated cells, you must create the perfect environment for those cells. Therefore, professional skin care is essential.
  • How do I achieve optimal results?
    To continue achieving optimal results it is essential that your home-care regime is followed through and abided by during this crucial time! To see your skin, maintain optimum nourishment and longevity of any skin rejuvenation treatment it is recommended that you remain on a professional skincare range.
  • Does Jet Plasma hurt?
    This is a completely pain-free treatment. The treatment may feel slightly warm in some places. You may smell the ozone and hear a “sparkling sound.”


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