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Revolutionizing Skin Tightening Technology with Profosma Jet Plasma Device Tips

Updated: Mar 4

Profosma Jet Plasma Device Tips

In the field of skin tightening technology, the Profosma Jet plasma device stands out as a revolutionary advancement that sets itself apart from other cold plasma skin tightening devices. Let's explore the cutting-edge features and components that make the Profosma Jet plasma Tips a game-changer in the industry.

1. Unique Material Composition:

The Profasma Jet heads utilize polypropylene (PP) instead of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material. PP, commonly used in baby bottles for its safety and non-allergenic properties, ensures that the device causes no allergic reactions. In contrast, ABS, primarily used in the refrigeration, piping, and automotive industries, can cause skin reactions when heated. PP's ability to withstand high temperatures and prevent skin reactions makes it the ideal choice for the Profosma Jet heads.

2. Advanced Circuit Board Technology:

Each Jet head contains a small circuit board, essentially a mini computer that safely and accurately delivers energy from the device. This innovative technology sets the Profosma Jet plasma device apart, as no other plasma device currently incorporates this technology inside their Jet tips. The presence of the circuit board ensures precise and safe delivery of energy, enhancing the effectiveness of the device.

3. Disposable Tips for Enhanced Safety and Effectiveness:

The Profosma Jet tips are designed for single-use, with each tip remaining effective for a maximum of 45 minutes. After this time, the tips need to be disposed of, ensuring optimal performance and safety for each client. It is important to note that sharing tips between clients is strictly prohibited, emphasizing the device's commitment to maintaining hygiene and safety standards.

4. Cleaning and Storage Guidelines:

For hygiene maintenance, the tips can be easily cleaned after each 15-minute session using an alcohol wipe or a cotton pad with skinsens nanosilver mist. Proper storage is essential, and tips should be stored in a clearly labeled bag for the next session. Additionally, the use of silica gel and ceramics in the tips ensures thermal stability and chemical properties, making them ideal for the task.

5. Components of Profasma Tips:

The Profosma tips contain a circuit board programmed with a chip capable of executing accurate instructions, ensuring precise guidance of the JET head's function. The incorporation of a plastic pipe offers insulation and protection for the circuit board, enabling it to function safely and effectively despite the energy released by the machine.

Copper Wire, ensure safety when accepting a high voltage of 14,000 volts when in operation.

The metal hardware serves to connect the machine to the Jet tips, ensuring accurate power activation and delivery of voltage.

PP or Polypropylene is a colorless, waxy thermoplastic resin derived from propylene polymerization. With an operating temperature range of -30 to 140°C, it exhibits non-toxic, odorless, and tasteless properties. Its high safety profile ensures protection against allergies and inflammation.

The integration of these advanced features and components in the Profosma Jet plasma device represents a significant leap forward in skin tightening technology. By prioritizing safety, effectiveness, and precision, the device promises to deliver exceptional results for clients seeking skin tightening treatments.

As the beauty and wellness industry continues to evolve, the Profosma Jet plasma device stands as a testament to the innovative strides made in skincare technology. With its unique material composition, advanced circuit board technology, and disposable tips, the device is at the forefront of redefining the standards of skin tightening treatments.



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